We are a family of six about to embark on a life changing journey.  Our children are Anna (10), Wiley (6), Parker (3) and Laney (1-1/2). 

After spending a month in Roatan this past summer we are heading back after the new year.  We are joining some of our new friends that we met to help in a church plant called rChurch.  This ministry began in January of 2009 and continues to grow each and every time someone visits or is touched by what they are doing for people on the island.  Our connection with the pastor and his wife, Jeremy and Melissa, as well as their children was immediate. 

We knew something was going on in our hearts but we were not totally sure what on earth it was, certainly the word "minister" or "missionary" was not what HE had in mind....right?  God really does use each of us to grow his Kingdom in ways we could never possibly imagine.  Get ready, if HE hasn't gotten through to you yet, HE will and it will be huge!

Oftentimes when we have had some tough situations in our life, we always asked 'why' instead of 'how'. 

How can God turn this situation around and help us to grow and become a better person?  How can we help others by our actions in how we handle this situation?  How can we surrender and let God take over, for real? 

We definitely don't have all the answers and are by no means perfect.  However, we wholehardetly want to take this risk and go out on a limb, trusting that God will show us 'how' to make the most of any situation that may arise. 

Roatan, Honduras
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