Vick family in the colonia policarp at vacation bible school in the the open-air church

The challenges that we face and will conquer with your help

Estimated Monthly and One-Time Expenses:

  • We will be renting a home that is fully furnished along with dishes, linens, appliances, etc.  $1,000/mo
  • The island utilities are very expensive, (water, internet, electricity). $600/mo
  • Food and other items are all imported to the island with hefty taxes applied, with the exception of eggs and local fruit $500/mo
  • We plan to take as much as we can pack into our bags on the flight and that should be all that we need while there. $2,500 for 6 R/T tickets
  • Private school for Anna and Wiley $400/mo
  • The island roads are very steep and hilly, so travel by bike is not an option.  For that we will plan to purchase a used SUV on the mainland. $5,000

 Breakdown of what a donation can accomplish:

If 50 people commit to a monthly donation of $20, that is $1000

(our rent is covered for the month!)

If 50 people commit to a monthly donation of $50 a month, that's $2500

(rent, utilities, food is covered!)


The people we have on board with us is not just about a dollar amount, it is TOTALLY about accountability.  We want to be held accountable for following through with our commitment to you: to go out there and make a difference in the lives of people that would have no chance otherwise.  We thank you for your consideration in joining us, following us and letting others know about what WE are doing together. 

Financial Donations

(all tax-decuctible)

If you would like to give to our family's financial and ministry needs you can give using Egiving:



You can send checks to:

(note in memo-Vick Family)

Alternative Missions
PO Box 5835
Goodyear, AZ 85338

Travel Donations

If you would like to donate to help cover our travel expenses, we have registered with the Continental Airlines gift registry

It is also possible to donate unused Continental One Pass miles by contacting Continental Airlines at 800.932.2732. 

Our account is set up under:

William Vick                                  One Pass acct #wx557397

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